We’ve partnered with a group called Backerkit to create your ALEX Bottle Survey where you’ll order your ALEX Bottle.

You should have received an email with a link to this Backerkit Survey. If you don’t see one, first check your spam folder. If it’s not there, then send an email to happy@alexbottle.com and we’ll resend you your link.

There are a few steps involved in picking your custom ALEX Bottle since you get to mix and match four (4) parts with a lot of color options.

The BackerKit Survey allows you to ORDER each custom bottle part individually but it won’t show you an image of your custom bottle fully built. Because of this, we’ve built a Custom Bottle Building tool that lets you create and see all the possible color combinations. When you build a color combo that you like, it will tell you which parts to order when filling out your Backerkit Survey. You can also download an image of the bottle you created in the Custom Bottle Builder.

Here’s a video to show you how to use the Custom Bottle Builder to help you fill out your survey; or you can simply follow the steps below the video.

Step 1: Click the link in the Backerkit Survey email to open the survey.

Step 2: In a separate window, open our futuristic Bottle Builder by clicking this link:http://www.alexbottle.com/bottle-customizer

Step 3: With the Custom Bottle Builder open, use the color indicators on the right to build your awesome custom bottle.

Step 4: Click the blue “Download” button and save this bottle image to your desktop. (If you ordered more then 1 custom bottle, then you’ll want to do this for each of the bottles you would like to order)

Step 5: Go back into the Backerkit survey and start ordering your custom bottles using the color guide in the custom bottle image you just saved.

Step 6: Slap yourself a hi-five. You just ordered your custom ALEX Bottle! If you have any issues with the Custom Bottle Builder or the Backerkit Survey then direct message us and we’ll take care of you!

If you’ve decided later that you filled out something wrong in the survey, you can actually go back and change it anytime before we announce the cut off date for changes.

Confused at all? Email us at happy@alexbottle.com so we can help.

Hi! First off we’re sorry you have an issue and we’re here to help. You can either email us at happy@alexbottle.com (recommended) or you can call us at 1-866-466-ALEX (2539). We’re a small team, so the 866 phone number allows you to leave a voice message for us which we check Monday – Friday between the hours of 10am and 4pm Mountain Time (We’re in Colorado). Please leave a call back number too (thanks in advance!). We promise we’ll call you back as soon as someone from our team is able.

A Zebra is like a horse, only with more stripes and attitude. A cowboy who rides a zebra is automatically the coolest cowboy on the range. Pair him up with an ALEX water bottle and he’s unstoppable.

CLEAN SEAM TECHNOLOGY™ (CST) is our patent pending technology that makes ALEX cleanable, compactable and customizable. CST allows you to open ALEX up at the middle of the bottle so you can easily clean the inside of your bottle out in seconds. Either toss ALEX in the dishwasher or quickly wash by hand. To compact ALEX to half its size, simply open, invert the bottom half and slide it up inside the upper half. The threads work in reverse so just twist it slightly when nested and it screws securely in place. CLEAN SEAM TECHNOLOGY™ gives you more options so you can extend the lifetime of your reusable water bottle.

Iced coffee, yes. Hot coffee, no. We don’t recommend it. ALEX is a single walled stainless steel bottle, which means the bottle becomes the same temperature as whatever you put inside it. Hot coffee means hot bottle, which can lead to burnt hands. We also don’t recommend walking over hot coals but people still do it. If you decide to walk over hot coals or put hot coffee in your ALEX bottle then we can’t be held responsible…for either. Cool?

For the same reason we designed ALEX and CLEAN SEAM TECHNOLOGY™ (CST) to begin with. We couldn’t clean our bottles easily or confidently. Most reusable water bottles require special brushes or cleaning tablets to clean them. They stay dirty, build up with unhealthy bacteria, and start to smelly really nasty. Ultimately you’ll end up throwing it in the recycle bin, or worse, the trash. With our CST you simply open ALEX up and toss in the dishwasher or quickly hand wash it. Confidently put water, smoothies, or powdered drinks in ALEX and know you can clean them out.

BPA is a harmful toxin that is found in certain plastics and epoxy resins used by some disposable and reusable water bottle manufacturers. Those bottles actually leache BPA from the bottle into your water. We’re not scientist, but we know BPA is bad news. So bad in fact that it’s been linked to certain types of cancer. For all the facts on BPA click here:

To make sure you can drink water with no concerns of BPA, get an ALEX bottle.

Never. ALEX is 100% BPA Free. We chose to make ALEX out of Premium Grade 304 Stainless Steel because it’s a durable material that doesn’t leach toxins into your water or affect the way the water tastes. That’s the same reason that 304 Stainless Steel is widely used in the cooking and brewing industries.

ALEX does have a plastic cap and plastic collar at the mid body that are made from BPA Free FDA approved Polypropylene #5. Regardless, we’ve designed ALEX so the plastic collar on the middle of the bottle never contacts the water you drink. It’s just there to give ALEX the tightest and strongest threading ability. When you screw alex together, the silicone seal on the lower half of the bottle makes contact with a stainless steel rib on the inside of the upper half creating the a glorious seal that’s 110% leak proof guaranteed.

We designed a bottle that we would want to use everyday, so choosing the healthiest materials for you, our families, and us was our biggest priority. That, and how to make a bottle you could hide a beer in.

ALEX does not have a liner because unlike other ALUMINUM bottle providers, we don’t need it. The Premium Grade 304 Stainless Steel we use for ALEX is a non-leaching and non-toxic material. ALUMINUM bottles have to use liners to keep harmful aluminum toxins from leaching into the water inside them. If anything happens to the liner then it can put you at risk and we don’t like that. We specifically used 304 Stainless Steel so we could have a healthy and durable water bottle for you and us.

You pick. Either the Dishwasher or quickly hand wash ALEX…it’s up to you. What we can tell you is that it will be the quickest bottle-cleaning job you have ever done, and you won’t have to second guess if something’s living in the bottom of your bottle.

Definitely. We do it all the time. With our CLEAN SEAM TECHNOLOGY™, you can put smoothies, powdered drinks or adult beverages in your ALEX bottle and easily be able to clean them out when you’re done. Do this with most other bottles and you may taste that smoothie for weeks after. Hope it was a good one…

ALEX is made from 100% BPA FREE non-toxic materials.

-The body of ALEX is built from Premium Grade 304 stainless steel.

-The Cap, and CST around the ALEX body are made from BPA FREE & FDA approved Polypropylene #5

-There is also a soft touch silicone sleeve made from FDA approved silicone (feels nice to the touch and helps protect ALEX from denting if dropped.

-To cap it off, the strap is made from recycled plastic water bottles (pun intended).

Overall, we chose only the healthiest materials for ALEX because we want to drink from our bottle too.

He would offer to split the ALEX bottle in two. The woman who knows that the bottle bisects easily and doesn’t panic is the lawful owner of the bottle.

Sustainability in design was our biggest focus and we’re constantly finding ways to improve…and always will.

First, ALEX itself is made from Premium Grade 304 Stainless Steel that is 50% recycled, and the entire bottle is 100% recyclable. Also, with CLEAN SEAM TECHNOLOGY™ you actually clean the inside of alex so it doesn’t begin to stink. That means your bottle will last a lot longer; our hope is forever. Solid.

With alex’s new design, we worked on ways to use less plastic and moved from plastic threads on the lower half to stainless steel threads. This also helped us slim ALEX up a ton. Bonus.

ALEX’s carrying strap is also made from 100% recycled disposable plastic bottles. Check.

We also ship alex compacted so which allows us to ship more bottles in the same space and minimize our carbon footprint. Boom.

We’re proud of where we are now and know we can always do better; and we will.

Not yet. Research & Development is working on it.

As a US company, we started by talking to over 60 US based factories and heard everything from “we don’t make stainless steel bottles”, “this bottle is too complex for us” or “we can’t even make it for what you sell it for”. Dang.

So, we regrouped, and did endless amounts of research looking for a factory that would met our sustainability standards, our high product quality standards and that would be affordable.

We were uncompromising and spent years talking to different sourcing groups and going to China to visit tons of manufacturers ourselves. We found an amazing partner that has key Certifications: ISO 14001 for Sustainability and ISO 9001 for Quality. Fortunately they also work with some incredibly premium brands that also require these same things. We’re in good company.

Our factory specializes in bottles and can make ALEX within the incredibly tight tolerances we require. It’s one of the most complex bottles to make. True story. We needed experts that had seen it all and done it all. Our manufacturing engineers are awesome and passionate about making alex perfect. We love that.

Literally, ALEX stands for “Always Live Extraordinarily”. Figuratively, ALEX stands for making sustainability simple and in the process helping planet earth from the mess of disposable products that continue to consume our landfills. Fact: Of the 50 Million disposable bottles of water consumer in the Huffington Post 2013 article (
) we learn that 50 Billion water bottles are consumed EACH YEAR – and most of them end up in our landfills and our waterways. Fact: We think that’s lame. The current dependency on disposable plastic water bottles is taking its toll on our planet, and we feel ALEX is a strong step in the right direction to help solve this problem.

A.) Good question. You must be a robot. Try using it for a:

-Thunderdome eye patch.

-storage container for heirloom confetti.

-kite spool.

-tandem wet-shaving mugs.

-penny-filled dumbbell.

-incognito flask for game-day debauchery.

-toothbrush holder.

-ridiculous hat.

-coffee-bean container.

-ineffective ear muffs.

-tiny-house compost bin.

-space-shuttle wine carafe.

-elephant suppository.

-very quiet friend.

-gumball preserver.

-gerbil treadmill.

-stupid, stupid glasses.

-dice shaker.

-beach football.

-one-man jug band.

-travel pancake holder (must roll up pancake).

-cookie batter gift box.

-genie bottle.


-oversized blunt weapon game piece in Clue.

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