Nice Reusables

ALEX is the first of many products to come from Nice Reusables Inc.
The Story Behind NRI: We are not hippies, nor activists, we're simply a group of likeminded individuals who believe in living an environmentally friendly lifestyle without having to sacrifice time, money or style. We are busy just like everyone else. We go to work, spend time with our families, grocery shop, cook, pay our bills, exercise – generally live full productive lives. We also work at being a bit more sustainable in our daily lives. Among other things we take our reusable shopping bags to the store (for the most part), use products that are friendlier to the planet, recycle our trash, use longer lasting light bulbs and drive vehicles that use less gas. And then in February 2009, a couple of questions were asked. 'Why does living a sustainable lifestyle have to be so hard?' 'Why are there so many products out there that would be great to use instead of disposable products but using them is just not convenient; takes too much time or too much work?' We realized that we were just like so many other people who want to 'do the right thing', for our health and for the environment, and that we would do more if sustainable type products were easy and more convenient. Driven by these questions and motivated by this realization, an idea and a company were born.

Our Vision & Mission:
It is our vision to create a venture dedicated to the significant reduction of disposable products by offering easy and convenient ways to be sustainable through innovative product designs. Nice Reusables Inc. (NRI) was created to support the product development and marketing of a proprietary idea: a stainless steel water bottle that would be simple, useful, sustainable, and significantly more desirable than water bottles already on the market. Our extended goals include expanding from our initial product offering to a diverse portfolio of segmented brands and product lines that ultimately position NRI as a leader within the sustainable lifestyle market. We see our company becoming a global icon of innovative and sustainable products that last a lifetime - 'forever' products.

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