Unlike gremlins or model airplanes, ALEX doesn’t have complicated instructions. The few that we do have are below. Put away the super glue and feel free to water ALEX after midnight. If you need more info, then tap us on the proverbial shoulder at

Use and Care Instructions:

  • Give ALEX a bath in the dishwasher or sink before each use
  • Always wet or dampen silicone seal when closing bottle for a guaranteed leak-proof closure.
  • Do not microwave ALEX, or any person named Alex.
  • Not recommended for hot beverages.
  • Avoid storing non-ingestible liquids in ALEX, like bleach, magma, or liquid kryptonite.
  • ALEX sweats just like you do. Grab a coaster.
  • Keep your bottle and your game sealed tight.

Unpacking ALEX:
We ship ALEX in its “comPACKable” form to save on space for shipping costs and to reduce our shipping carbon footprint. To unpack ALEX grab the top half of the bottle with one hand and the colored CST showing at the bottom and twist apart. Righty tighty, lefty loosy.

Why the extra silicone seal?
ALEX has a removable silicone seal for deeper cleaning that's also replaceable should you ever lose or damage the original seal. Follow these simple steps when using ALEX.

  1. Open and Clean ALEX before using.
  2. Run a wet or damp finger around silicone seal to ensure it's firmly in place and to guarantee a leak proof closure.
  3. Screw ALEX together so it's tight.
  4. Fill with beverage of choice. Enjoy. Repeat.

Removing the silicone seal to deep clean or replace:
Left your ALEX overnight in the car with a smoothie in it? No worries. Deep clean ALEX by pulling out the silicone seal. To remove the seal, use a dull object like a spoon, or go old school and use your fingernail. Wedge object into the gap between the silicone seal and the stainless steel. Pull the silicone seal away from the bottle.

Putting the silicone seal back in:
The silicone seal fits in the upper half of the ALEX Bottle. It slides in between where the stainless steel and Polypropylene CST meet. Follow these simple steps to put it back in the bottle:

  1. Put long, thin edge of grove along inside bottle wall where the stainless steel and CST meet.
  2. Thick edge of silicone seal should be showing.
  3. Run a wet or damp finger around seal and push into place where necessary. There should be no gaps between the seal and the stainless steel rim.
  4. Screwing ALEX together will lock the seal into place.

Leak-Proof ALEX:
We've built ALEX to be leak-proof, but there are a few simple steps that can help guarantee that. Here’s the play by play:

  1. Unscrew ALEX.
  2. Find the silicone seal in the upper half of the ALEX Bottle. Run WET or DAMP finger around silicone seal to make sure it's securely in place. Wetting the silicone seal will ensure an air tight and leak-proof suction between the seal and the bottle.
  3. Screw ALEX back together tightly.
  4. Fill with beverage of choice and enjoy immensely.

Should you have any other questions that need quenching, contact us at