Are you naturally inquisitive about liquid containment? Are you H20-curious? We have the answers to your many questions, whether you asked them or not. Q.) I was in a coma for most of my childhood. What's a zebra?
A.) A Zebra is like a horse, only with more stripes and attitude. A cowboy who rides a zebra is automatically the coolest cowboy on the range. Pair him up with an ALEX water bottle and he's unstoppable.

A.) CLEAN SEAM TECHNOLOGY™ (CST) is our patent pending technology that makes ALEX CLEANable, comPACKable and customSIZEable. CST allows you to open ALEX up at the middle of the bottle so you can easily clean the inside of your bottle out in seconds.

Q.) Does my baby feature Clean Seam Technology™?
A.) You wish.

Q.) What does the silicone seal look like and where is it located?
A.) The silicone seal is the clear rubbery o-ring located in the upper half of the ALEX Bottle right where the stainless steel and Polypropylene CST meet. Prefer to look at pictures? Us to.

Q.) My ALEX Bottle is in the “comPACKable” form. How do I unpack ALEX?
A.) ALEX’s threads work in reverse so that you can comPACK ALEX to half its size for traveling or storage. In order to unpack ALEX:

  1. Grab upper half of ALEX Bottle with either hand
  2. Grab threaded lower part of bottle that’s compacted
  3. Twist top half of bottle to the right while twisting lower portion to the left
  4. Once totally unscrewed, pull bottom half of ALEX out of the top half
  5. Wet or dampen ALEX’s seal prior to screwing it back to regular size in order to create leak-proof suction.

Q.) How do I remove the silicone seal for deeper cleaning?
A.) In order to get the silicone seal out of the bottle, we recommend you use a dull object like a spoon or you can go old school and use your fingernail. There’s a small gap between the silicone seal and the stainless steel. Wedge the dull object into this space and pull the silicone seal away from the bottle. This should release it so you can pull it out entirely.

Q.) How do I put the silicone seal back in?
A.) The silicone seal fits in the upper half of the ALEX Bottle. It slides in between where the stainless steel and Polypropylene CST meet. Follow these simple steps to put it back in the bottle:

  1. Put long, thin edge of grove against the bottle wall.
  2. Thick edge of silicone seal should be showing.
  3. Run a damp finger around seal and push into place where necessary.
  4. Screw ALEX together to lock the seal into place.

The seal should be in place now, but just to be safe, we recommend checking by opening ALEX one last time. If the seal is flush with the bottle edge then you and ALEX are free to party.

Q.) What do I do if my ALEX bottle is leaking?
A.) We've built ALEX to be leak-proof, but there are a few simple steps that can help guarantee that. Here’s the play by play:

  1. Empty ALEX Bottle completely.
  2. Unscrew ALEX.
  3. Find the silicone seal in the upper half of the ALEX Bottle.
  4. Run finger around silicone seal to make sure it's securely in place.
  5. Wet or dampen the seal with water. This will ensure an air tight and leak-proof suction between the seal and the bottle.
  6. Screw ALEX back together tightly.
  7. Fill with beverage of choice and enjoy immensely.

Should you have any other questions that need quenching, contact us at customerservice@nicereusables.com

Q.) How do I get my ALEX Bottle apart?
A.) We recommend the highly advanced method of “Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosy”. Simply unscrew ALEX apart and you’re good to go. See below if you prefer the illustrated version.

Q.) Does ALEX have a warranty?
A.) ALEX is one tough son of a bottle, however should there be an unforeseen mishap, ALEX comes equipped with a 2 year limited warranty. Lehman’s Terms: If we sent you a defective ALEX, then we’ll take care of it no questions asked. Your Sherpa ran over it during an expedition to the Legal Terms: NRI ALEX bottles are warranted against all manufacturers’ defects for two years. The warranty is valid only with proof of purchase from an authorized NRI dealer or from the NRI/alexbottle website. NRI does not warrant the bottles against scratching, bumps, dings or normal wear and tear. Alteration, misuse or abuse of the product will void its warranty. Legal rights under applicable national law governing the sale of consumer goods are not affected by this warranty.

Q.) Does ALEX have specific Use and Care Instructions?
A.) Yep…here you go: - Always wet or dampen silicone seal for guaranteed leak-proof closure. - Give ALEX a bath in the dishwasher or sink. - Do not microwave ALEX, or any person named Alex. - Not recommended for hot beverages. - Avoid storing non-ingestible liquids in ALEX, like bleach, magma, or liquid kryptonite. - ALEX sweats just like you do. Grab a coaster. - Always keep your bottle and your game sealed tight.

Q.) Why should I buy the ALEX bottle over other reusable water bottles?
A.) For the same reason we designed ALEX and Clean Seam Technology™ (CST) to begin with. We couldn't clean our bottles easily or confidently. With their small mouth openings, most reusable water bottles require brushes or special cleaning tablets to clean them. When your bottle isn't clean, it builds up unhealthy bacteria and begins to smell really bad. Ultimately you'll end up throwing it in the recycle bin, or worse, the trash. With our CST you're able to simply open ALEX up and either put it in the dishwasher or quickly hand wash it. Feel free to put water, smoothies, or powdered drinks in ALEX and know you will be able to clean them out afterwards.

Q.) What is BPA?
A.) BPA is a harmful toxin that is found in certain plastics and epoxy resins used by some disposable and reusable water bottle manufacturers. Your bottle actually leaches BPA from the bottle into your water. We're not scientist, but we know BPA is bad news. So bad in fact that it's been linked to certain types of cancer. For all the facts on BPA click here: BPA To make sure you can drink water with no concerns of BPA, get an ALEX bottle.

Q.) Does the ALEX bottle have BPA (Bisphenol-A)?
A.) Never. ALEX is 100% BPA Free. We chose to make ALEX out of Premium Grade 304 Stainless Steel because it's a durable material that doesn't leach toxins into your water or affect the way the water tastes. That's the same reason that 304 Stainless Steel is widely used in the cooking and brewing industries.

Q.) Does the ALEX bottle have a liner?
A.) ALEX does not have a liner because unlike our ALUMINUM bottle competitors, we don't need it. The Premium Grade 304 Stainless Steel we use for ALEX is a non-leaching and non-toxic material. ALUMINUM bottles have to use liners to keep harmful aluminum toxins from leaching into the water inside them. If anything happens to the liner then it can put you at risk and we don't like that. We specifically used 304 Stainless Steel so we could have a healthy and durable water bottle for you and us.

Q.) What's the best way to clean my bottle?
A.) You pick. Either Dishwash or quickly handwash ALEX…it's up to you. What we can tell you is that it will be the quickest bottle-cleaning job you have ever done, and you won't have to second guess if something's living in the bottom of your bottle.

Q.) Can I put smoothies and powdered drinks in the ALEX bottle?
A.) Definitely. We do it all the time. With our Clean Seam Technology™, you can put smoothies, powdered drinks or adult beverages in your ALEX bottle and easily be able to clean them out when you're done. Do this with most of our competitors and you may taste that smoothie for weeks after.

Q.) Can I drink Coffee out of ALEX?
A.) We don't recommend it. Alex is a single walled stainless steel bottle, which means the bottle becomes the same temperature as whatever you put inside it. Hot coffee means hot bottle which can lead to burnt hands. We also don't recommend walking over hot coals but people still do it. If you decide to walk over hot coals or put hot coffee in your ALEX bottle then we can't be held responsible…for either. Cool?

Q.) Can I put molten lava into ALEX bottles?
A.) Only once.

Q.) What is the ALEX bottle made of?
A.) Alex is made from 100% BPA FREE non-toxic materials. The body of ALEX is built from 50% recycled Premium Grade 304 stainless steel. The Cap, and CST around the ALEX body are made from FDA approved BPA FREE Polypropylene #5. To complete the story, we made our carrying strap from recycled plastic water bottles. Overall, we chose only the healthiest materials for ALEX because we want to drink from our bottle too.

Q.) If two thirsty mothers claimed to own the same ALEX bottle, how would King Solomon find the true owner?
A.) He would offer to split the ALEX bottle in two. The woman who knows that the bottle bisects easily and doesn't panic is the lawful owner of the bottle.

Q.) Is ALEX sustainable?
A.) There are a number of reasons why ALEX is sustainable. First, ALEX itself is made from Premium Grade 304 Stainless Steel that is 50% recycled, and the entire bottle is 100% recyclable. We also use a durable painting process called “Powder Painting" because it bakes the paint onto the bottle rather then a spray that can put chemicals into our ozone layer. Also, with Clean Seam Technology™s you can truly clean the inside of your ALEX bottle so it doesn't begin to smell like our competitors. That means your bottle will last a lot longer; our hope is forever. We even made the silicone seal between the upper and lower half of the bottle removable so you could literally access every part of your ALEX bottle when deep cleaning is necessary. ALEX's carrying strap is also made from 100% recycled disposable plastic water bottles. Lastly, when we ship ALEX, we use the “comPACKable" feature so that ALEX packs to half its size. This allows us to ship more ALEX bottles in the same space and therefore lessen our carbon footprint on a per bottle basis. Interestingly, the FDA requires by law that companies have their factories ship consumer products in their own individual poly bags and cardboard boxes, which we feel can be excessive packaging. In order to be more sustainable we use 100% recycled polybags and a specially built shipping box that allows us to use significantly less cardboard but still easily meet FDA requirements. Insert "pat on the back" here.

Q.) Why is ALEX manufactured in Jakarta?
A.) We did endless amounts of research when trying to pick a factory that met our sustainability standards as well as our high product quality standards. Fortunately for us, we were able to find both with no compromise. Not only do we have strict manufacturing agreements in place to make sure that the factory workers who make ALEX are paid well and treated fairly, we also monitor the factory processes as they relate to the environment. This includes everything from how the paint is applied to our bottles to reusing all of our scrap parts for other products. We personally inspected our factory with a white glove to make sure that they walked the walk. Additionally, we get to surf in Bali whenever we do our routine factory visits. Bonus!

Q.) What does ALEX stand for?
A.) Literally, ALEX stands for "Always Live Extraordinarily". Figuratively, ALEX stands for making sustainability simple and in the process helping planet earth from the mess of disposable products that continue to consume our landfills. Fact: Of the 50 Million disposable bottles of water consumed in 2006, 38 Billion of them ended up in our landfills and our waterways. Fact: We think that's lame. The current dependency on disposable plastic water bottles is taking it's toll on our planet, and we feel ALEX is a strong step in the right direction to help solve this problem.

Q.) Do ALEX bottles have the capacity to love?
A.) Not yet. Research & Development is working on it.

Q.) Is ALEX doing anything with a charity to give back?
ALEX is always half full. In fact, ALEX believes that everyone's bottle should be half full and would even go as far as saying they should be overflowing. Unfortunately this isn't the case and we're coming apart at the clean seams over it. In order to help correct this, ALEX will donate a percentage of profits to help the even larger percent of those without access to clean drinking water. We're currently in the process of forming an alliance with a charity that can join us on our quest to quench thirst.

A cyclist carrying Alex bottle pedals from town A to town B, a distance of 46 miles, in 2 hours. How many hours would the same trip have taken if the cyclist hadn't brought an Alex bottle?
A.) 450-1000 years for the “disposable" plastic bottle to biodegrade. Wait, what was the question?