The gives ALEX a sip.


We'll admit, you technically shouldn't nibble on an ALEX Bottle (unless that's what you're into...and we're the last to judge), but the cleverly calculated people over at The found a new use case for us; "Fill it with Halloween candy or a Christmas gift". Good point. It may be called a "water bottle" but lets not put or limiting beliefs on ALEX, because ALEX can hold a lot more then just water. Try T-shirts, sunglasses, name it. Just wrap it up and gift a friend a sustainable bottle filled with awesomeness. Actually, take the hamster out of the bottle you sicko. See article here. If you have any "ALEX Bottle Use Cases" then let us hear them in the comment's below. If they're awesome then they may end up on our hang tag someday soon, giving you full credit of course.
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