Refinery 29

August 08, 2011

We've always thought of ALEX as a beautiful water bottle (as we should right? If we didn't then we'd be a bit concerned!)...and Refinery 29 makes the argument that for you to also look beautiful requires proper hydration. Valid argument, because when you're body is dehydrated, your skin is dehydrated, which means you look (and definitely feel!) unhealthy. You're body is like a plant; you need to water it or it will shrivel up. ALEX makes the cut as Refinery 29 choice for to hold natures beauty serum (aka water) for you. And since we have always felt that true beauty starts on the inside, it only makes sense that you can keep ALEX's insides beautifully clean by simply opening it up in the middle and dish-washing it out. If only it was that easy for us!