Manufacturing Transition - The New ALEX Coming Soon

April 17, 2014

Back in 2011 we decided we could no longer work with our manufacturing partner at the time. We were having a lot quality issues with the majority of our bottles (we were literally hand checking every single bottle multiple times before it went out the door to our customers). We only shipped bottles that passed our rigorous testing while we tried to correct the problems our factory was having. We eventually had to shut things down and start the hunt for a new manufacturer that could make bottles to our high quality expectations (what has now been a long hunt!). In that time we've actually made some really cool updates to ALEX that we're incredibly excited to share with our customers very soon. Our team was just in China sourcing a new manufacturing partner and we're very close to green-lighting a partner to make the ALEX Bottle tools/moulds and then start production again. Why China? Good question. We spent a lot of time trying to search high and low for a factory in the USA but came up empty handed. There were only a few factories that retuned our calls and the ones that did couldn't make ALEX for what we were selling it for. There are other materials that can be produced in the USA but we have always loved Stainless Steel because the water in a Stainless Steel bottle doesn't leach any chemicals or toxins from the steel. It's a healthier choice. While some people have concerns with manufacturing in China, we are working with a great team to ensure that we use sustainably minded factories with great working conditions. It's a priority for us. So...long story short, we are planning to release the latest and greatest ALEX Bottle by Fall of 2014. We apologize for the long wait and thank you for your patience and support!! -Team ALEX