ESPN Snowboarding

August 01, 2011

Co-Founder and BFF of ALEX, Gretchen Bleiler, talks about what it's like to be a part of a crazy family business that's revolutionizing the water bottle (that's us). When asked "why", Gretchen said: "Ultimately, we're trying to make sustainability easy in order for people to get off using single-serving plastic water bottles which are filling up our landfills and devastating our waterways." So true. We also think you have the right to put anything you want in your bottle and clean it out. We think you should be able to leave your bottle inside of your 110 degree car in the middle of summer with that smoothie from yesterday morning baking to the inside of it, and actually be able to get it out. We're not asking for a lot...are we? See the full article about all things ALEX and Gretchen