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Manufacturing Transition - The New ALEX Coming Soon

Back in 2011 we decided we could no longer work with our manufacturing partner at the time. We were having a lot quality issues with the majority of our bottles (we were literally hand checking every single bottle multiple times before it went out the door to our customers). We only shipped bottles that passed our rigorous testing while we tried to correct the problems our factory was having. We eventually had to shut things down and start the hunt for a new manufacturer that could make bottles to our high quality expectations (what has now been a long hunt!).

Fox News catches up with Gretchen Bleiler and ALEX

Click Here to watch ALEX Co-Founder Gretchen Bleiler talk about ALEX Bottles, her run for 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi Russia, her recent traumatic eye injury and her amazing recovery.

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It's an ALEX Bottle video!

We made this little diddy a while back and never released it. If you like astronauts star-bent on hyrdrating earth citizens, then this is your jam. Click here and enjoy!

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#WeInstagram! #FollowUs #?

Does your insta-feed have a hankering for amateur-ish photos? Follow us @alex_bottle. Feeling really crazy? #wheresALEX and show us all the awesome places you've gone with ALEX lately. We'll regram you for sure...

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