ABC News Chicago - Time Out Chicago Kids

August 02, 2011

It seems like only yesterday (well...more like a month ago) that the beaches by our office were packed full of kids going nuts enjoying the beautiful Southern California weather...and now we're all ready talking about Back to School. It goes by so fast! (To be honest, the beaches are still packed, and it's still amazingly beautiful here) It becomes all to real that school is about to start when you actually begin your "Back to School Shopping".

Thankfully, the nice people at Time Out Chicago Kids and ABC News Chicago have some tips on stylish products that will help you get your school shopping done fast and get you back to the beach to enjoy that last bit of Summer vacation! Among this list of these all-star products was our very own ALEX Bottle. Whether you're putting your spaghetti-o's or your smoothie in ALEX, it's the perfect school partner. Not only that, all of ALEX's cool features will make you look smart and cutting edge. Even your science teacher will compliment ALEX's intelligent functionality. Staying hydrated will also help your brain perform at it's highest level.

So, don't settle for the ordinary...Always Live EXtraordinarily with ALEX this year...and next year...and the year after that. (ALEX will be your BFF for a long time)